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How to Attend An Annual City Wide Garage Sale

Annual city wide garage sales are great fun and an economical way to shop since they are all in one area.


Check your newspapers (and the Rummage City Wide BIG LIST) to find out when they are held. Each community has its own traditional time being careful to not schedule any two ‘city wides’ at the same time.


It is a lot of fun to do these sales as a group, so gather mom and sisters, daughters and friends and head out. Make a day of it and start an early with breakfast or have lunch together. Often the area will have a church which will serve meals and keep your energy level up for all the shopping.

The person with the roomiest vehicle should drive unless you need several vehicles for your group.


facebook-button Some cities are small and you can walk the area, but others will need you to drive. Usually someone puts out a map so you can easily find addresses, but no need to worry; just follow the crowd.Just follow the map or the crowd and go from house to house finding your treasures.


Each house will have a good variety, but some folks even specialize in certain things. If you are looking for specific items read the ads in the newspapers first to find those houses and attend early in the day to have a shot at what you’re looking for that day. Lots of sellers will hold something for you if it is too large to carry.!


Use good etiquette when you attend yard sales such as not walking on folks lawns or in their flower beds, I’ve seen folks do both of those things. Thank people when you leave their garage even if you have not purchased anything since it is a great deal of work to put up a sale and you have just visited their home.


twitterIf you want to try for a bargain be respectful. Everyone thinks their stuff is worth a lot. They sometimes forget to look at it with present day eyes and see only the once beautiful item they need to get rid of. It may once have been beautiful and they still see it as valuable. It also may have sentimental value. Do not degrade people or their stuff. Ask if they can do any better on the price and offer only if they ask you to. They should set the price since it is their item. Sometimes, they will ask what you had in mind. Tell them. Be fair, but respectful. Don’t embarrass them by your offer. It is safe to assume that any used item if it is a major purchase will be reduced at least by a third or even half. Small things should be quite cheap, but ask yourself, “How much do I want that item?” Items are only worth what folks will pay for them.. 


  • Chances are you will not be able to get to all sales, but if you are persistent and start early you can make lots of them
  • Have fun and happy treasure hunting
  • Have fun and remember to also watch kids for safety such as drivers that forget there are people all over town and also strangers that could pose a danger to kids.

Author: lilolladystuff, eHow Member

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